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EyesGate not only lets you manage the entry and exit of your factory staff, workers and visitors, but also keeps a track of the vehicles and material coming in and goods going out of the unit.

EyesGate’s commercial module is designed to address the challenges faced by the owners of small/medium sized factories, warehouses and manufacturing units.

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Age-Old Problem

  • Manual Record Keeping

  • Entries of incoming raw material, and goods/products going out of the premises are currently maintained in physical registers which is an age-old way of keeping records.

  • Stock and Logs Accuracy

  • Minor errors in entries of material moving in and out of the factory can result in major losses at times.

  • People & Transport Vehicles

  • Factories and warehouses usually have lots of people and vehicles coming in and out of the premises everyday. Keeping a track of people and vehicles with accuracy is a big issue.

The Solution – EyesGate Commercial

  • Increased security

    Get instant inward/outward notification with goods and vehicle details when a truck arrives, or leaves the factory gate.

  • Pre-authorize Visitors

    Ensure hassle-free entry for your visitors/guests with Pre-Authorization. Guest tells the code to the guard and enters the premises.

  • Visitor Notifications

    Get notified in real-time when a visitor enters your factory. You can allow or disallow visitors coming into your factory so that the security guard can take necessary action.

Stay in control, with peace of mind!

  • Never loose track of your goods. Validate and verify before approving inward/outward movement of goods from your factory.
  • Real-time notifications with invoice for you to review. Be in control at all times, with added peace of mind.

Benefits of EyesGate-Commercial

  • Faster processing at the gate

    Swift entry at the plant gate and less manual effort required.

  • Less congestion in the plant/factory

    Avoid long lines at the gate and inside the plant by reducing the time, a vehicles spend in the factory premises.

  • More efficient use of Resources

    No more manual effort required to validate in/out movement of goods.

  • Improved Transparency

    Keep a real-time check on what arrives and what leaves from your factory/warehouse.

Who is EyesGate-Commercial for?

  • Small Factories

  • Godowns/Warehouses

  • Manufacturing Units

  • Hospitals

  • Schools/Colleges

So What Are You Waiting For?

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