Why use EyesGate?

EyesGate gives you all the tools you need to access your society, interact with visitors and daily helps, contact security when you need to, with one-tap and plan events without concern for inconvenience or frustration.

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Traditional Society

An EyesGate Society

  • Manual Visitor Registers.

    Unverified entries.

    Prone to errors.

  • Pre-authorized and Verified visitors.

    Hassle free entry with one-tap invites.

    Cloud based, error free secure logs.

  • Multiple calls before your delivery arrives at your doorstep.

    Reschedule delivery if you’re not home.

  • Instant notifications to Security Guards, no calls.

    Receive your package even when you’re not home.

  • Hiring an electrician, plumber or a carpenter is always a pain when you don’t have a reference.

  • EyesGate let’s you find and hire a registered electrician, plumber, carpenter and others with just one click.

  • No prior information of arrival of your maid, milkman, cook and other daily helps.

  • Get instant notification of arrival of your house maids, milkman, cook and cleaner. Check their attendance and also hire other local helps.

  • No way to notify the security guards in case of an emergency.

  • With one-click you can now raise an alarm to the security guard and also to your Unit member residents.

  • No special attention and protection given to seniors and children.

  • Senior citizens and kids can exit the society ONLY with your permission and notification to the Security.

Ease-of-Life with EyesGate.

  • Increase productivity by upto 50%

    With EyesGate, your Security team can be more productive by saving time spent on manual entries and on intercom.

  • Detailed Analytics

    From setting up Guard’s login to managing visitor logs on cloud, you can access detailed report of your society right from your Dashboard.

  • Easy to Use

    Say bye-bye to those time taking Excel Sheets and manual calculations. Save time, save money and experience hassle free society management with EyesGate.

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